Today is a new day

Every day presents new challenges and today it was to stretch the poor abused body of mine into extended yoga poses that, at times, I wondered “why am I doing this?”

I haven’t treated my body well over the years, not because Iv’e enjoyed a hedonistic lifestyle or had  fun  in the process, maybe I would derive some satisfaction from that, at least have a few pleasant memories to look back on. No, I have worked it into a ruin.  Admittedly I have had more than my fair share of accidents along the way , breaking bones and twisting parts that shouldn’t be twisted in ways that didn’t do them any favours. But to add insult to injury I always carried on working, not giving myself time to pause.

I didn’t have a job where I was sitting down in a nice warm office either,oh no, I was doing hard physical work involving, bending and stretching and rubbing and painting, always on my feet and without any breaks. Who was this taskmaster who was so cruel as to make me work in such a way without any respite?….why myself of course. I have been self employed for over 35 years and my experience of all self-employed people is that they are their own slave drivers. It goes with the territory.  Many self employed people feel obliged to work every hour there is otherwise they feel guilty. But a better way would be to achieve a balance between work and pleasure. Because without the pleasure and a break from the work, we loose perspective and consequently our work suffers. Even when we are working at something we enjoy and gives us pleasure, we need a change of scene now and then to remind us there are other things in life.

In the end my body told me it had had enough and it coincided with my work drying up, quite neat really, forcing me to pause and reflect. I spent many years trying to unravel all the knots I’d tied myself into and now today I’ve been trying a different type of twisting and stretching to get those muscles to enjoy the pain.



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